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The domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris or Canis familiaris) is a domesticated canid which has been selectively bred for millennia for various behaviors, sensory capabilities, and physical attributes.

Although initially thought to have originated as a manmade variant of an extant canid species (variously supposed as being the dhole, golden jackal, or gray wolf), extensive genetic studies undertaken during the 2010s indicate that dogs diverged from an extinct wolf-like canid in Eurasia 40,000 years ago.[6] Being the oldest domesticated animals with one study claiming for the past 33,000 years, their long association with people has allowed dogs to be uniquely attuned to human behavior, as well as thrive on a starch-rich diet which would be inadequate for other canid species.

Dogs perform many roles for people, such as hunting, herding, pulling loads, protection, assisting police and military, companionship, and, more recently, aiding handicapped individuals. This impact on human society has given them the nickname "man's best friend" in the Western world. In some cultures, however, dogs are a source of meat.

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original post by Platz on molosserdogs.com

I was watching Victoria Stilwell's show on Animal Planet last night and could not stop wondering why it is so difficult for many people to train a pet dog. I'm not talking UDX, Schutzhund III, Agility Chp. type control now. I'm just talking about a dog that is enjoyable to have in your house. I realize Stilwells finds the most inane people showcase her skills with.

I happen top think that 90% of the pet dogs can be worked with "HT & C" (Happy Talk & Cookies). What boogles my mind is the lack of common sence. I've seen in it basic obedience class also. Last night on Stilwells show, the couple's Aussie, "Stains", yes let that name sink in a bit....lol. Stains was a counter thief. So they put a Web Cam in the kitchen, put a collar with a remote raidio speaker around his neck, and put a dozen cupcakes on the counter. They proceed to leave Stains alone in the ajoining living room and hide in their survailence room to watch him on webcam and to give him a remote voice corection....WHAT !!!


I can fix that problen really simple...Crate the dog when you eat and...PUT YOUR FOOD AWAY! How many degrees in dog phycology does one need to understand that if you leave food out the dog is going to eat it???


I was in a drop in OB class working on moving downs & longs downs unattended, etc. It was an advanced group and we use differant distractractions to proof the excesizes. Things like a toddler on a big whell, remote control car, the center owners cat (held in the owners arms). So most of the dogs all hold thieir downs untill the instuctor brings out a Vacum...4 of the 10 dogs break at the sight of it. Next the instuctor rolles in infront of the line of down dogs 3 more break. The instuctor warns us she's going to turn it on, another dog breaks. My dog and the other dog going for it's UDX both hold. Later, I was asked how my dog did so well. Simple, she had never seem a vacum in her life before that excersize. When we vacum she goes outside. No stress phobias no nuratic behavior...common scence. Being the dog guy I get a lot of questions from pet owners. Like if I put my hand in my dogs food bowl while it's eating the dog bites me.....[color=#0000ff] REALLY? [/color] and your surprized because? Seriously, if you stick you hand in my bowl while I'm eating I'll bite you too.


Where has common scence gone? This person just gave the dog it's food in the dog's bowl and for no logical reason puts thier hand in the bowl and them is surprized when the dog bites. How about let the dog eat its food? Kooky thought, I know. Another is the pet owner being dragged down the steet toward you and your dog.


When they get 10 ft in front of you the draggee yells to the dragger...Heel!, Muffy, Heel, heel, heel,Muffy heel. Which is usually followed by I wish my dog was well behaved like yours....Sheesh! Now, new excuse is this Cocker/Lab is a RESCUE. So, that badge of moral superiority absolves all bad behavior? I need an asprin.

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