Interest - Reptiles! Because not every animal has hair or feathers.

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Reptiles! Because not every animal has hair or feathers.

Reptiles! Because not every animal has hair or feathers.

A group for us members with reptiles, so show of your snakes, crocs, monitors and other lizards :)
  • Created: Dec 29 '14
  • Admin: RuudK
gary Dec 29 '14
Hi Ruud,
What sparked your interest in in Snakes and other reptilian creatures.  I always found them mysterious and fascinating. 
Where I live, most of the snakes are deadly.
RuudK Dec 31 '14
Believe it or not, it started with watching the WWF and Jack the Snake Roberts...lol. That and some Alice Cooper Clips. Then a friend start to keep a Boa Constrictor and I was hooked. I started reading about them end in those days there was no Internet yet so that was a costly thing to do.

I however personally don't like keeping animals in plastic drawers, although maybe breeders do so successfully.

Reptiles are quit, they do not need to be exercised, don't eat every day and if you want to go on holiday just stay away for some time no problemo. (talking snakes now)

gary Dec 31 '14
That is pretty neat - here at my place the snakes that we may encounter are all deadly so they don't stay around long.  We do have some coach whip, blue indigo and rat snakes and those we are ok with. They run wild outside and we are careful not to thread on them.
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